Robin's Process

My brainstorming process...

I'll first say that I think of card ideas anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes I'm on the train and use my phone to jot down an idea or sometimes I grab a sticky note at work so I won't forget. Sometimes I'll even text Carmelle and just say "Remind me!" 

Holidays are different though because I know we have a deadline we're working against. The brainstorming has to be a bit more streamlined. For Valentine's Day, I started with a word cloud. It looked like this...


Junky, I know. By putting words that remind me of Valentine's Day in a "cloud", I begin to think of word associations and that's when the fun begins. With the "Thirst" card my thoughts went something like this...

  1. If you love someone you would do anything for them
  2. Hmm, but does that make you desperate if you're out here doing ANYTHING?
  3. Love shouldn't make you look desperate and thirsty 
  4. The thirst is real out here 
  5. My thirst is real for you

And voila! I flipped what's usually an insult (looking thirsty) into a compliment (show someone you really care about them). 

I of course let Carmelle run wild with ways to bring the words to life, but I also offer suggestions because it's only natural that something pop into my head. I envisioned the ingredient label on a drink to illustrate the card. I thought we'd put things like "Total Love 90, Sugar 80g, YOU 100g). Basically, I was doing the most. *Carmelle to the rescue*. Read on to see how the card came to life!

Neighborly paper