5 Questions for Cheryl Kendall aka Carmelle’s Mama


1. What is your favorite thing about being a mother? My favorite thing about being a mother is watching my daughters grow into loving, caring, successful, strong women who make me more and more proud of them every day. 

2. What did you admire most about your mother? I most admired my mother for her strength, determination, and love of family. She not only survived adversity, but she excelled and achieved many significant things in her life. And she always emphasized that family should be first. 

3. How are you spending Mother’s Day this year? I am not sure how I am spending Mother's Day this year, but as long as I get to rest, relax, not have any commitments, and be surrounded by the love of family...I will be a very happy mom. 

4. Which Neighborly Mother’s Day card is your favorite? The coral Mother's Day card. I love the colors.   

*Can be purchased here!

Happy Mother's Day, coral.jpg

5. Do you have any advice for me running this business?  Be prepared to always work hard and make it a priority.  The sacrifices you make for the investment in your business will pay off.  The love and enjoyment of what you do will be reflected in your work.

As told to Carmelle Kendall on May 3,2017

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