How did you all decide on Neighborly as a brand name?

You know how sometimes in brainstorming sessions, you think you have a really fantastic idea, but everyone else is like yeaaaaa no?

Well, luckily, Neighborly stuck and it was the second name on the table! It was pretty intuitive because Carmelle and I have been neighbors for years. We grew up 15 minutes south of Atlanta in a town called Fairburn, Georgia (now Fayetteville). Carmelle loved my house because I had a trampoline and she was an amazing gymnast. I loved her house because she had a big screen TV in her basement and who doesn’t like a big screen TV?

Anyway, we were neighbors for 18 years in Fairburn and we’re neighbors now in Harlem. Neighbor not only describes our relationship, but it’s also a very endearing word. When I think of the word neighbor, I think of a community. I also think of Mr. Rogers and State Farm, but that’s not exactly where we were going with this brand.

We eventually landed on Neighborly because Neighbor sounded too much like a real estate company. The adverb, neighborly, means friendly and kind or characteristic of congenial neighbors. We knew this word would encompass our work, which is designed to brighten anyone’s day. We cherish our long history of being neighbors and look forward to an exciting future with our greeting card line, Neighborly. 


Carmelle and I in our college days!


Neighborly paper