We’re in the business of making cards, but we hope to do more than that. We want our cards to make you crack a smile on your sick day, raise the roof when things are good, say things suck because sometimes they do, dance when you get that promotion, and crack up laughing because you read something punny. (Picture a carefree bunny saying he doesn’t carrot all). See. Punny. 

Hopefully, you’ll purchase a card when you’re thinking of someone else or maybe you see one that just suits you-treat yo self! Whatever the motivation, we hope our cards make every day a little bit brighter.


About Robin Beck aka The Writer 

I’m the writer behind the Neighborly cards. I’m always thinking about the best way to convey a message. Hey, I guess that PR internship paid off!

I think about stories all day long and I think of each card as telling its own story.  When I’m not writing, I’m reading. I’m a fiction junkie and I really enjoy personifying animals.  

In the daytime I do internal communications for Pearson, the world’s largest learning company. We believe wherever learning flourishes, people flourish. I’m proud to engage Pearson employees around the world.

Feeling nosy? Check out my personal website www.robinebeck.com or you could do some social media stalking. That’s always fun.


About Carmelle Kendall aka The Illustrator

Carmelle is a woman who wears a million hats so when it came to Neighborly, she thought, “What’s one more?” She is an art director, graphic designer and filmmaker.

After studying art direction at Savannah College of Art and Design, Carmelle moved to New York City and worked as an art director at Y&R, a renowned advertising agency. For those of you who don’t know, an art director is the person responsible for the visual aspects of an advertising campaign.She now resides in Atlanta where she’s taking on freelance projects and growing the Neighborly business.Talk about a #Girlboss right?!

Carmelle is excited to bring words to life at Neighborly with her hand-drawn images and lettering.

When she’s not at work or thinking about work, Carmelle enjoys traveling to new cities, yoga, and photography. 

Feeling nosy? Check out her personal website www.carmellekendall.com to learn more.